The Pillar Jet Card Program is simple. When you become a jet card holder with Pillar Jets you’re able to book private flights at wholesale prices, which can save you thousands of dollars.

The private aviation industry is made up of operators and brokers. When you book a private flight with most popular private jet companies, they book the flight through an operator at a wholesale price, add a profit margin of 10% – 20%, then sell the flight to you at the marked up price. When you’re a Pillar Jet Card Member, we give you the same wholesale price the operator offers to us.

Any kind you want! One of the best things about the Pillar Jet Card is that you’re not committed to a specific type of aircraft. If you’re traveling with just a couple of people and going a short distance you can book a turboprop or a VLJ (very light jet), which have much lower hourly rates than larger aircraft. On the other hand, if you’re traveling overseas with a group of 10, you can book the long range jet you need to get you there.

No. Our jet card program is different. Instead of requiring you to purchase a block of hours upfront, you simply purchase a Pillar Jet Card membership and pay for flights as you use them. There are no minimum hours required to become a Pillar Jet Card Member, or to keep your membership.

We won’t put our members on just any jet. We only source aircraft from operators with a proven track record of safety that meet minimum safety, maintenance, and training standards. Safety is our number one priority, and we have never had an incident on a flight.

After a jet drops passengers off on a one-way flight, the jet either has to fly back to its base empty, or re position to another location to pick up passengers for another flight. Most operators would rather make a little money on the flight instead of nothing, so they offer these flights at generous discounts to fill the seats. Operators send hundreds of these empty leg deals to us every day, which we offer to our members at the same rate they’re offered to us. Some empty legs can be purchased for as little as $1,000.

Yes. Since we provide flights to our members at pricing direct from the operators, we don’t have a profit margin on the flights. Our primary source of revenue is from membership fees.

Pillar Jets’ mission has always been to make private travel more accessible to people who don’t yet fly private, and more affordable to people who already do. Charging thousands of dollars in membership fees does not support that mission. Lowering the barrier to entry by offering affordable membership options gives more people the opportunity to benefit from our mission.

Our main core values are integrity and reliability. Our members rely on us to consistently provide them the highest value in their trips, to ensure that their aircraft is ready and available when they need it, and to keep their safety as our top priority. A pillar is a structure that is trusted to support an entire structure and protect everybody and everything within it. We chose the name Pillar Jets to constantly remind us of these values and responsibilities to our members.


San Jose – van nuys

6-7 passengers
flight time: 1 hr

Retail (avg): $6,700

Empty Leg (avg): $3,200

teterboro – toronto

6-7 passengers
flight time 1 hr 15 min

Retail (avg): $6,000

Empty Leg (avg): $1,800

chicago – miami

15 passengers
flight time: 2hr 30 min

Retail (avg): $22,000

PillarJets (avg): $14,000